Carolina Maze

Released September 30, 2020, Carolina Maze is a collection of 14 incisive songs about climate change, politics, privilege, and the healing power of nature.

Marked by strong, expressive and inventive melodies, surprising harmonies, and infectious rhythms, Carolina Maze doesn't so much sample or traverse as incorporate genres, from folk to rock to rap to jazz to classical.  It creates a unique stylistic identity of its own, and takes listeners on imagined voyages, by turns innocent, dark, or thoughtful.

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Complete Carolina Maze lyrics, here:

Carolina Maze Lyrics

...And the economics:

Today's environment is highly challenging for artists of all sorts, including musicians!  The rates paid by streaming platforms are very low, so unless you are blessed with large numbers of fans, you will not see much recompense.  For instance, even though Carolina Maze was recorded and mixed entirely at home, the cost to have a professional remix and master done was well over $2000.  Set that against pay rates of pennies--sometimes, fractions of a penny--per stream.

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